When e-commerce solutions are sought, one ends up finding them, and youstice is a good example.

youstice offers an online solution to problems can be found as consumer e-commerce transactions.

Without leaving your home, this multinational and multilingual platform allows you complain directly through the merchant’s web without having to worry if other than the language used or if they are not in the same country.

If your complaint has not found a satisfactory response from the merchant, will not have to fill out complex forms that take months to resolve, it is enough to raise an online claim that culminate in the resolution of a neutral ad cordis outside the merchant and youstice.

The whole procedure is regulated to provide a rapid response and some within a maximum period of 15 days.

You are entitled to know what to expect without unnecessary delay or cumbersome procedures.

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ad cordis ad has been stably constituted as an entity of alternative dispute resolution online (RDL)

Complaints regarding e.Commerce that on their own initiative formulated consumers through youstice when their complaints have not been previously addressed will be resolved with fairness and transparency by integrating the RDL neutral ad cordis.

This, ad cordis wants to be a national benchmark in this area for consumer ODR


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