Online justice is the name of our blog.

ad cordis was born on the web just for you to access the Online Justice.

Thanks to the web has assembled this team, none of whose members were known before.

Thanks to Online Justice you will also join our community and participate with us in this adventure. You will be worth more worthwhile.

Our team is called ad cordis, which refers to the agreement from the beginning and even sounds musical, because it is associated with the word “chord”. Google, who knows everything, is suggested as alternative when looking for us.

We thought it was good that association of ideas and words. And even made grace google involuntarily collaborate in our mission of transmitting certain amount of harmony and harmony in human relations, so necessary in these times, as music has always been.

We also discovered that originally, ad cordis is a Latin root expression that conveys dynamism and ability to evoke the voluntary agreement by the outpouring of hearts. Following that it arises in Spanish “agreement” and is not far “harmony”.

Something low-tech, right?

We sounded warm and traditional. Maybe that’s why Latin

Although we not yet know anything about the fickleness of google, and tempted us warmth and energy of that Latin and archaic expression.

As is usual today name things with acronyms, think whether it would be possible to update ad cordis to turn it into an acronym that put us in direct relation to the world of information technology (The “T.I.C’s” they call them)

So it occurred to us that meant cordis ad: “Alternatives cooperation” online “for the resolution of disputes.”

A declaration of intent as you can see.

And that was not the thing.

You may believe, that the “ICT” stands apart from others, it is little more than an annoying incomprehensible reality.

You may not ever raised it is feasible approach positions, facilitating agreements and resolve disputes using the advantages provided by information technology.

And maybe it has come to raise on assumptions, but still see you with suspicion and as something alien that recourse to the latest technology when resolving a dispute with full legal guarantees out of the ordinary courts advances.

¿Online Justice? … ‘Please !!!

We decided that this would be the professional challenge ad cordis team.

With enthusiasm and courage we configure as dispute resolution entity online.

So far we have become suppliers of RDL for youstice in Spain.

We resolve consumer complaints arising from their purchases online.

And it was only the first step.

Do not miss those who will follow.

Is we’re going to have here at Online Justice.

On the computer ad cordis we believe that you are entitled to enjoy the latest technologies available to facilitate the peaceful settlement of their disputes quickly, professionalism and simplicity.

Without leaving home. Without giving their decisions in the hands of others and without giving up a priori to play the role that corresponds to find the best solution to your case. Always “Online”.

Follow Online Justice and witness before what he believes, of how technological alternatives online dispute resolution by judicial means become part of our tradition (as much or even more than Latin).

You will experience first hand and from the device you choose it is possible to do things differently, it starts to be advisable to do so and to despise this new way is foolhardy manifest.

You will be part of an evolution and a change of mentality.

And you can be sure that very technology that results all in our blog we will always tell you from the heart.